Top 50 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States

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Which American Cities Rank as the Most Dangerous?

The United States has always had crime in not only urban areas, but also some rural towns. This is one reason to not be surprised that the “Top 50 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States” has some small towns on it. Some reasons for rural areas having crime stem from hard drugs usage and having high unemployment. In urban areas there are the same problems, but it is more densified and concentrated geographically.


The Neighborhood Scout website published a recent “Top 50 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States (2013)”. Some of the cities on the list are repeat offenders because of the crime overload in areas of these cities. The state with most representatives in the top 10 most dangerous are not surprisingly from Michigan.

Michigan has had a hard time ever since the de-industrialization of Midwestern cities. Movements have been created and politicians have made new and stricter laws to combat crime. Sadly, many of them have failed and the cities have gone underwater even more. Check out which cities made the list below.

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Top 50 Most Dangerous Cities in the United States

50 Philadelphia, PA
49 Nashville, TN
48 Kansas City, MO
47 Miami, FL
46 Washington, DC
45 Desert Hot Springs, CA
44 Bridgeton, NJ
43 Fort Myers, FL
42 Fall River, MA
41 Brockton, MA
40 Buffalo, NY
39 Salisbury, MD
38 Texarkana, TX
37 Hartford, CT
36 Alexandria, LA
35 New Haven, CT
34 Daytona Beach, FL
33 Cleveland, OH
32 Rockford, IL
31 Pine Bluff, AR
30 Harrisburg, PA
29 Trenton, NJ
28 Stockton, CA
27 Baltimore, MD
26 Atlanta, GA
25 Birmingham, AL
24 Little Rock, AR
23 Homestead, FL
22 Memphis, TN
21 Myrtle Beach, SC
20 Riviera Beach, FL
19 Chester, PA
18 York, PA
17 Wilmington, DE
16 Bessemer, AL
15 Harvey, IL
14 Monroe, LA
13 Oakland, CA
12 Spartanburg, SC
11 Chelsea, MA
10 Inkster, MI
9 Newburgh, NY
8 St. Louis, MO
7 Atlantic City, NJ
6 Detroit, MI
5 Saginaw, MI
4 West Memphis, AR
3 Flint, MI
2 Camden, NJ
1 East St. Louis, IL

East St. Louis, Illinois

East St. Louis, Illinois tops the chart this year for many reasons. It turns out to be the poorest part of the already poor St. Louis Metropolitan area. Wherever there is poverty, there is crime. It is a simple proportional relationship, an increase in poverty means and increase in crime. This rule of thumb is actually true most of the time.


Arsons-and-East-St.-Louis-005 100510-east-st-louis-to-st-louis-013

Camden, New Jersey

Camden, New Jersey is a suburb just east of Philadelphia. Camden is a city known for its drug trade and use. Many young adults from affluent suburbs next door, like Cherry Hill, come to Camden in order to buy drugs off the crime ridden streets.



Flint, Michigan

Flint, Michigan is surprisingly not higher on this list. This city was hit the hardest of any other city in the United States by the deindustrialization of the automobile industry. Flint has been trying to make a comeback after losing half of its population. A new law now allows the government to knock down abandoned houses for cheap and in bulk to aid in the demolition of the eroding areas and neighborhoods of Flint. You can read more on Flint, Michigan and the impact of deindustrialization here! The article has a very detailed description on the history of the town, its crime, and its economic problems. Check it out – The Government Came in like a Wrecking Ball for Flint, Michigan




What do you think of the list? If the city you live in is on this list, do you agree with its rank or with it even being on the list? Why or why not? Leave answers below please.

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