Tony Romo’s Black and White House in Texas


The Dallas Cowboy Quarterback’s Sweet House

Tony Romo, the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys, recently bought a pretty nice house near Valley Ranch, Texas. The house is only colored black and white, but does not look that bad. The house also has many amenities including a state of the art kitchen, large living space, and a swimming pool.

Check out pictures of the house below.

Pictures of Romo’s House

0825_tony_romo_01_full 0825_tony_romo_03_full 0825_tony_romo_05_full 0825_tony_romo_06_full 0825_tony_romo_07_full 0825_tony_romo_09_full 0825_tony_romo_10_full 0825_tony_romo_11_full

wpid-tonyromostarterspokespersonattendsnyk8vkgptsja6l photo-e1334179464664 tony-romo tony-romo-football-headshot-photo Tony Romo and Candice Crawford look happy at White House Dinner

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  1. He bought that house when he was with Jessica Simpson. Tony us building is building a new house in Frisco Tx and they will be putting that one up for sale.


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