As the vice president under theย Bill Clinton presidency Al Gore advocated and currently advocates for environmental changes and protection. In fact he is one of the main faces in front of the current environmental movement. Unfortunately his earnings have been used in a way that goes against his own message about the environment. His 10,000 square foot house/mansion is located in Nashville Tennessee and is said to consume over 20 times the average energy consumption yet other estimates are at 16 times the average. His monthly electricity bills are said to have topped out at $1,359 and an additional $1,080 for natural gas and this does not include his air travel, especially with his own private jet.

His personal actions still do not make what his documentary depicts as false as his funding has brought research and statistical data. His Oscar-winning documentary “An Inconvenient Truth” is truly eye-opening and brings awareness that is critical for our planet’s sake.

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An Inconvenient Truth Documentary Online

What are your thoughts of Al Gore’s lifestyle? Is it justifiable?

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Al Gore’s California House

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