Channing Tatum’s Hollywood Hills House



Channing Tatum’s $2.9 million dollar house has recently changed from a bachelor pad to a family home to accommodate his child, Everly. The house looks like it belongs in the rain forest. It comes with all the amenities such as a stone fireplace, large and luxurious swimming pool and a beautiful guest house. The house inlcludes many other unique characteristics such as wrap-around terraces and curved stair cases. The floor to ceiling windows make it even more naturalistic while also having a wonderful view of the Los Angeles skyline.

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Location: Hollywood Hills, California

Size:  2,540 square feet

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 3

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Do you love or hate Channing Tatum? What is your favorite movie with him? Comment below!


  1. So I am a fan of Channing Tatum. I don’t love him because I don’t know him. My favorite movie with him is “She’s The Man”.


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