Floyd Mayweather’s House in Las Vegas


A House in The Desert for a Tough Guy

Floyd Mayweather is an American boxer born in 1977. He is currently undefeated and has won many championships. He has been known as the highest paid athlete on many lists released. He is truly a tough dude and he does not mess around when it comes to picking a house out either.

Floyd Mayweather’s house is located in Las Vegas, Nevada. It features a hot tub, pool, and a cabana. The house cost him 3.35 million dollars. This was not a big deal for him considering he was paid 90 million dollars that year alone. Take a look at photos of the massive house below.


Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Size: 7,300 square feet

Bedrooms: 7

Bathrooms: 9


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  1. It would hurt me as a grandmother to see my child get hit. I am glad that Floyd is strong and has heart. I pray he stops before he gets seriously hurt. God Bless. I love the house and I hope that he is happy.

  2. my mame is larry wadei am the carpenter that instaled the hardwoodcealings myself and my cutman

    man i love that guy


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