Russian President Vladimir Putin’s House only $1 Billion



President Obama earns $400,000 annually and an extra couple hundred thousand from books and publicity events. This is clearly not the case for Russian president Vladimir Putin as just his house is estimated to be worth more than $1 billion, his assets are said to make him the wealthiest person in the world. He has at least 58 private aircraft, one with a $75,000 toilet. In 2008 Putin stated, “I have worked like a galley slave throughout these eight years, morning till night”. The $2.5 billion a year lifestyle sure seems slave-like.


Putin’s palace is located right off the Black Sea and has an Italianate style. The palace was constructed very recently. Construction was not simple by any means as the remote location required a new gas pipeline, electrical lines and another Mountain-side road.

Putin_palace_interior2 Putin_palace_lawn Vladimir-Putin’s-Palace7

Environmentalists have attempted to investigate the construction of the palace and it’s disturbance of the ecology. They found the illegally constructed Marina before being removed by the Federal Protective Service.

Putin’s four Yachts, although one was a gift from a fellow Russian billionaire.



Images of President Putin

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