Donald Trump’s Mega Mansion House in New York


Donald Trump’s House Impresses Even the Richest

Donald Trump is an American based entrepreneur that is 17 on the Forbes top 100 list. He is a very known celebrity because of his outspoken ways and his television appearance on The Apprentice. He was born into a fairly rich family as his father was a successful real estate investor in New York. In 1971 he took over his father’s company and renamed it The Trump Organization.

Donald Trump’s 213 acre property in New York has 3 bomb shelters because if a bomb went off it would take a long time to find the nearest shelter. Trump originally purchased just the property for $7.5 million with intentions to build a golf course, but the locals were against that because of the chemical runoff into the nearby lake.


Location: New York

Size: 39,000 Square Feet

Bedrooms: 58 Bedrooms

Bathrooms: 33 Bathrooms


256277-kitchen-5 Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_1 Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_3 Donald-Melania-Trump-Manhattan-Penthouse_4 in-1995-trump-purchased-a-213-acre-property-in-bedford-ny-called-seven-springs-trump-told-the-new-york-times-he-planned-to-use-the-39000-square-foot-stone-and-glass-mansion-as-the-suburban- in-2009-trump-was-heavily-ridiculed-for-allowing-libyas-muammar-gaddafi-to-stay-in-a-tent-on-his-bedford-estate-while-gaddafi-attended-the-un-summit-trump-claimed-he-leased-on-a-short-term- SuttonPlace1 the-estate-has-a-total-of-45-rooms-a-movie-theater-a-stable-for-horses-a-green-house-and-a-guest-cottage trump-reportedly-paid-75-million-for-the-property-he-originally-planned-to-use-it-as-a-golf-course-but-faced-strong-opposition-from-the-locals-who-were-concerned-about-chemical-run-off-from


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