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1933 Chicago World’s Fair Homes Restored- Beverly Shores Indiana






The House of Tomorrow, the Florida Tropical House, the Wiebolt-Rostone House, the Armco-Ferro Enamel House and the Cypress Log House are the five houses that were built for the 1933 Chicago World’s Fair celebrating a Century of Progress. These houses were shown off in Chicago to bring advertisement to Robert Bartlett’s beach community Beverly Shores Indiana. Four of the houses were actually brought back to Beverly Shores on barge across Lake Michigan while the Cypress Log House was brought by trucks after the fair ended. Unfortunately only one house was sold in 1938 The House of Tomorrow. Two houses were rented out and two remained vacant.

Beverly Shores Indiana can be described as a quite artistic beach side community with a population of only 703 people. Beverly Shores has above average houses with diverse and outstanding architecture. The Florida Tropical House is starting to grow on me. At first I thought the color was obnoxious but now I think that it fits with it’s location, and it is the original color. Out of the five houses my favorite would be the House of Tomorrow because of its large widows with all around views of the beach. In 1996 The national lakeshore and the Historic Landmarks Foundation created a long term leasing program to restore the houses. I do not understand why someone would lease a building and spend money restoring it without ever being able to own it, but people have done it.



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