Friday, July 30, 2021
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Stone Building Revealed Only on Youtube

This building was started in the early 80’s with intentions of keeping sheep. From then on the creator (an artist) kept on adding to it. As you can see in the video tour this building is pretty big for someone to built themselves from stones! It is so artistic in the way that nothing was manufactured. The owners only shares this building with some friends as they enjoy wine and poetry within it. The building is located some place in England. The reason it is a secret is because the owners doesn’t want people to vandalize it. It was built purely for a hobby. The owner can not add anymore to it as the city counsel stopped him from doing so without correct permits and building codes. I do not see a problem with the construction as no one lives in it. It is a piece of art.

I enjoy being part of Urban Splatter as it continues to create evolving opportunities within the digital realm of architecture.


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