Aquarium That Defies Physics? Oita Marine Center Feeding Tank

July 13, 2012

When first looking at this fishtank I was shocked to see that the water did not come rushing out of the feeding holes that were on the side of the fishtank. This is possible because the fishtank is completely sealed making it a vacuum. It is not really rocket science but rather just simple physics. Yet if one of those feeders cracks off the whole fish tank will flood out! This place is not like your city's aquarium. By the looks of the pictures it seems to be a mom and pop's kind of place ran by people who love marine life. One of the company's mottos is something like humans started off in the ocean. I really liked that, because I also have a passion for marine life of all kinda. Overall I think that this is a great, smart idea!

I think its really cool but not very realistic, because the fish tend to jump out at times! Customers might also pollute the water, right? What about the filters? I wonder how they manage to clean the filters if it is a vacuum system. Also with the fish being saltwater maintenance and costs wouldn't be easy and that is probably the reasoning behind the steep prices. Well if I ever happen to be in Japan I will definitively have to check this place out!

Quick Facts

Hours of Operation: 9:00- 6:00PM

Location: Oita City, Japan

Pricing: $22 for children and $44



"Marine Palace - Oita Sea Life Aquarium - Oita CityFollow." N.p., n.d. Web. 13 July 2012. <>.

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