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Autostadt Parking Lot Towers

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AutoStadt (Car City) is a massive car museum adjacent to the Volkswagen Factory in Wolfsburg Germany. These two car silos are located in the Volkswagen factory. They are used to temporarily store new Volkswagen cars that have just been manufactured in the factory next door. Once the car is sold it is brought to the customer from the silo. Each silo can hold up to 400 cars at any given time. Volkswagen tends to sell around 600 cars a day from here. The 16 floor towers are made from glass and galvanized steel. They are illuminated at night. Every year on Christmas they give really cool light shows. The AutoStadt itself is a museum of many German cars separate from the Volkswagen factory next door. AutoStadt is liked for its ultra modern design in everything from the buildings to even the benches!

I would love to visit this museum any time I visit Germany. What makes it so cool is the massive size. It usually takes two days for tourists to absorb the park’s features. I love cars in general especially German cars so I am going to have to keep this place in mind for the future. I would love to see a Mercedes part of the museum too. Germany is known for its massive car industry with it’s modern engineers and architects. Germany has the 3rd largest economy in the world! It is amazing that a small country has such great standards.


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