Be The Architect of your own Nike Shoes

July 11, 2012

Wouldn't it be great to say that you designed your own shoes? Nike made this possible through Nike ID since 1999! The program has grown to many countries and less limitations. This feature is available through Nike's website. It is not limited to shoes either, you can also customize apparel. All you need to do is go to, find the Nike ID option at the top, select your gender, and let your imagination go free from then on. You can select multiple colors for every part of the shoe. Even if you don't like spending more than $100 on custom shoes you can just mess around with the tool and see what you come up with. You also have the option to put custom lettering within the products.

I was interested by the idea after searching for the right shoe that never came. I was left with the only option of customizing my own shoes and I don't regret it. I customized the NIKE 6.0 ZOOM PRIMO iD shoes. I wanted Nike shoes that had an athletic look, but I hated the colors of all of the shoes that I looked at. I have never spent this much on shoes but there are reasons that I did. My shoes costed $135, but they have a 1 month free return policy for any reason and a 2 year warranty. I felt more comfortable spending this much money for shoes that I never saw in person because of the free return policy. Below is the image of my custom shoes, maybe it will spark your creativity to make your own Nike iD shoes!


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JJ Sterling
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