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Crain Communications Building Facts

The Crain Communications Building (Formerly known as the Smurfit-Stone Building) in Chicago, Illinois is one of a kind. Some may argue it is the most unique building to distinguish the Chicago skyline from others. Construction for this building started in 1982, to me it looks like it could easy be from that era. At a closer look you can see that the architects didn’t simply take a square building and make a slant, but they positioned the slant  from one corner to the other. On a nice day one can see the clouds reflecting from the side windows. Check out Crain Communications Building Facts below.

Located at 150 N Michigan Avenue, its prominent location gives it a great spot in Chicago’s skyline and many people coming such as visitors. The building has been coined by some people as the “Diamond Building”. A lot of people say that it looks like a certain female body part. Check out the pictures of the building and it unique architecture. Lastly, it holds the Crain Communication’s Headquarters. It used to be the Smurfit Stone Building Chicago (and has always been known as the diamond building in Chicago).

Crain Communications Building Facts

  • There is a rumor that the building was built with a slope to keep the building’s shadow from going onto the beach, this is false because the building is not located near any beaches.
  • The land that the building was previously John Crerar Library built in 1920.
  • The top five floors are actually empty and not used in the floor count, what a waste of space!
  • The building was originally planned to be 5 stories taller.
  • The diamond roof has white colored lights bordering it, and on holidays they used to change the colors of the bulbs making it more festive. It is to bad they don’t do that anymore.
  • Lastly, this building used to be the Smurfit-Stone Building


Crain Communications Building Facts

Crain Communications Building Facts

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