Park or Railroad? The High Line in New York

July 14, 2012

When you first saw the images of The High Line you might have thought that it was an abandoned railroad, which is what I first thought. That is actually correct, because before The High Line or also called New York City linear park was created in 2009 it was an abandoned railroad. It stretches 1 mile through the lower west side of Manhattan New York. The demolition of the railroad would actually cost more than it would be to recycle it. The idea was first advocated in 1999 Promenade plantée in France. Read more about the High Line.

I thought that this park did not only bring diversity into a city from from nature but it impacted the surrounding areas more than you would think. Mayor Bloomberg said that the project made new construction around the area flourish. Land values within the areas around the park have also sky rocketed. The park is unlike any other park because of its low crime rate. Who would commit crime when everyone is watching, and escaping would also be difficult. So the park creates a really safe environment. Overall this park made an impact larger than anyone expected.

This combines two major spiritual ideas. The first  idea is that being in a location above the ground makes one feel safer, hence that is why most people sleep on a bed above the ground. This park is certainly above ground! The second idea is from Frank Lloyd Wright he once said, “I believe in God, only I spell it Nature.” Obviously this park has nature written all over it! It can be very chaotic especially in a city like New York and this bring peace and tranquility compared to a noisy polluting train, and that's for sure!

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