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Renovating a Massive New York Farm House

Home Construction Building Repair/Renovations Renovating a Massive New York Farm House

It is not uncommon to see abandoned looking homes, especially in this housing market. Whenever I see a house that is falling apart I have the ambition to renovate it. It reminds me of that one TV show called “Flip That House.” The show documents newbie house flippers. The show makes it seem really hard to make a profit which I am sure is true. If I were to flip a house, which I won’t be for a while, I  would like to flip a historic house. I have never seen the show actually flip a really historic, Victorian house yet.

Similarly in London many people are renovating homes with garden basements.

Now this house was far from an easy fixer-upper. This was a complete gut renovation. I give credit to the Hellman family for what they did, especially with having a new born child during the renovation! The work sure did pay off though for this 6,000 square feet house, or should I say mansion? This house has a lot of character as it is 106 years old, and was abandoned for 25 years! By the time the Hellmans set sight on this house, it had previously been converted into 6 apartments making the renovation that much more complicated.

The Hellmans replaced all 57 windows. The siding was, to a surprise, in good condition. Clapboard siding tends to be sturdy for years. I don’t know if I like that they changed the color to white, because personally I like the original yellow. They also ended up having to replace the entire porch, most likely because of regulations. In my opinion character is what makes a home unique, and I would much rather have this house than a newly built mansion. I still wonder how they removed the ghosts, what do you think? The Hellmans new that they wanted an old farm style and sure did they get that!

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“Renovating an Old House in Upstate New York.” Country Living. N.p., n.d. Web. 12 July 2012. <>.

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