The Grand Canyon Glass Sidewalk

July 22, 2012

The "U" shaped glass sidewalk was construction in 2007 and has had millions of visitors since then. Currently it is owned by the Hualapai Indians. It stretches out about 70 feet into the canyon, and 4000 ft above the Colorado River! Belongings are not allowed onto the sidewalk as it brings the risk of it falling. Children are required to walk on their own for the same reason. A total of 120 people can be on it at once. The bottom is made from glass 4 inches thick. On the opening day the famous astronaut Buzz Aldrin took the first leap onto the sidewalk. In case you want to experience this unique monstrosity the address is Diamond Bar Rd, Grand Canyon West, AZ. There is much controversy with this tourist attraction. At $30 per person you may think this is cheap but it adds up as visitors must pay for the transportation to this attraction from Las Vegas and pictures are not free!

Some people in the small tribe of 2,000 think that it takes away from nature and so do other environmentalists. As it may take away from nature it does bring in much needed cash to the tribe. As much as 50% of the tribe is unemployed and there is wide-spread alcoholism within the tribe. The tribe may open a casino to generate more cash. I don't really agree that this is the best way to make money but how else would they? It does also take away from the natural beauty of the canyon but it is an amazing experience to be that high up. I personally would probably faint if I was that high up! It is a really different experience although the place itself brings controversy.\

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