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Ridiculous Celebrity Dog Mansions

Some dog lovers take their affection towards their dogs to the extreme. Some think its reasonable to spend up to $30,000 on their dog’s house, or should I say mansion. People seem to spoil their dogs for their own enjoyment, I doubt dogs really care if they have a Hacienda or just a wooden box!

Hundehaus Cubix (Above)

Give your dog(s) a modern atmosphere to enjoy. This dog house was inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright’s style, including large windows and simple lines. With enough rooms for a few dogs, and self draining roof, your dogs are sure to be pleased.

Dog Town House (Above)

A dog house doesn’t need to be outdoors. This dog house was designed for your indoor pooch. Also this one is a more affordable plan. It is much better for homes without yards! Doubling as a side table your dog will enjoy this as much as you!

Celebrity Hacienda Dog House (Above)

Starting at $30,000 this dog house is probably the most extreme. It was originally designed for a celebrity personal.  Available amenities include running water, lighting, air conditioning and heat. Prior to construction you will get a construction consultant!

Some may argue that a dog doesn’t need to be spoiled. The only thing a dog needs is love, and care!

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