Dyson’s Stupid Blade-less Fans Review

I usually post products that are interesting, but unlike the rest this post is about a product that you shouldn’t buy! The new Dyson blade-less fans are nothing special. If you have money to waste ($300-$450) then go ahead and buy one. Summer is not that long I am sure that you can with stand the heat for a bit unless you live in a desert. I guess these are a bit quieter than a normal fan, but they are still loud. I always see models for these at stores and they suck! Oh and I am sorry its not a fan but an “air multiplier” haha. Lets multiply air everyone! I didn’t think that this product could get any worse. The company says that with a regular fan air is moved in a choppy way. Let me ask you, have you ever felt chops of air hitting you?

Watch this video to see how pathetic it actually is.

As you can see from the video there is a lot of scientific things going on with this air multiplier, oh wait its just blowing air never mind.


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