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Transparent House in Japan

Do you like the outdoors? Well if so you might like this unique transparent house in Tokyo Japan. The head architect was Sou Fujimoto. The design includes a flowing design with no doors, deprived from the concept of a tree. There are multiple movable stairs and ladders making it seem like one huge loft space. The floors are heated to withstand the winter months. It is a well size for the location at 914 square feet.

The design is unique and interesting but not very practical with the environment. I do like a lot of windows but not to the point were you cant have any privacy. How do they go bathroom! I read online about this house saying that it was eco-friendly because it uses mini mun lighting. I would agree that they might not have to turn the lights on during the day but that doesn’t cover the heating and cooling bills! It is also not very practical for every day use alothough it looks cool.


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