Tribune Tower; A Chicago Landmark

August 15, 2012

Tribune tower was built in 1925 in Chicago, IL (obviously). With its Neo- Gothic design (meaing the revival of Gothic or victorian architecture. So basically, buildings that look like their from Elizabethan England, but were actually built like forty years ago) and 36 floors, it seems like any other building lying around Chicago; Except its so much more. The newspaper that the building is named for, the Chicago Tribune, hosted a nation wide contest to see who would design their new headquarters. It came down to two entries; One from a Finish architect named Eliel Saarinen with a radically simple design, and the classic Neo-Gothic design we see today. The architects were John Howells and Raymond hood. Today their are two carvings in the wood commemorating these men. One is of a howling dog (Howell) and the other is of Robin Hood (Raymond Hood). Another thing that is so interesting about this building, correspondents of the Chicago Tribune brought back pieces of famous buildings from around the world. We're talking the Taj Mahal, The Parthenon, the Great Pyramid, Notre Dame, President Lincoln's tomb and the Palace of Westminster just to name a few. These pieces were incorporated into the lower outside walls of the building. Later, a piece of steel recovered from the World Trade Center was added.

Personally, I dont want to KNOW how they got those pieces, because I doubt that people allowed them to break off a hunk of historical landmarks. I bet the stories were cool though. The thing I love about this building is that its not just another skyscraper. It has so much personality with the wood carvings remembering its architects and the historical landmarks built into its walls. It makes this building all the more special. This building also holds sentimental value to my family as my Grandfather worked there for most of his life. He was in charge of navigation, and making sure everyone who ordered a paper got one. It wasn't a dream job or an exciting job but hey, not all of us can explore forests or make scientific discoveries. I encourage people to put it on their list of things to see, because a) NASA loaned them a moon rock and that thing is cool to stare at and b) its a truly beautiful and interesting building, inside and out.

Peace out Girl Scouts!

Abby Rose

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