A Change in Our City's Infrastructure After Boston Marathon Bombing

April 17, 2013


In a city with garbage cans, mail boxes, dumpsters and parked cars, it is practically impossible to prevent such a catastrophic event such as the one that took place on Monday April 15th 2013. Reports were made that the two bombs deployed in the Boston marathon were placed in garbage cans.

Many dense cities have already considered alternatives to prevent such bombings. Sarah Goodyear reported that,

Bins were yanked from stations and many other locations in the central city years ago because the Irish Republican Army used them as bomb drop locations. Metal cans were especially attractive to terrorists because they could create deadly shrapnel when the bombs went off. Now the few cans they do have in the Tube are plastic bags suspended from hoops, carefully monitored by security.

During the 2012 Olympics, London began testing a new solution; a bomb proof trash bin that were designed in 2007 by two entrepreneurs. So far around 100 of them have been installed. Even though the trash bins are effective against bombs, they do not prevent a person from placing the bomb in any other areas such as a parked car or bush.

Many cities have removed garbage cans completely from certain dense areas For instance, Tokyo removed garbage cans from its subway and central business district in 1995, after the gruesome Aum Shinrikyo-planned sarin gas attack killed 13 and injured thousands.

After the attack on 9/11, New York City also removed many garbage cans from metro stations.

In most cases it takes an event so catastrophic and detrimental to make the change, will Cities global-wide make changes the remove garbage cans because of this?

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