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Will Smith’s House in Calabasas, California

will smiths house

To start off, Will Smith lives with his family in a grandiose south western style 25,000 square foot mega mansion, designed by the architect Stephen Samuelson. Check out Will Smith’s house.

Details: The Will Smith Calabasas Home

Location: The estate is nestled in a confined area in Santa Monica mountain range, above Malibu near Calabasas, California. Isn’t the Will Smith Calabasas Home amazing?

Accommodation: This $20 million ranch style estate boasts all luxurious amenities which include full size tennis and basketball court, a sand volleyball court, a pool, horse facilities, a picturesque private lake and gym.

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The living room features furnishings from 60s and a 1930 copper lantern.
The living room features furnishings from 60s and a 1930 copper lantern.
The house’s massive front door originally belonged to a fort in northern India.


The staircase has intricate carvings, which make it look antique.

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  1. Will Smith is my role model,Whereby he motivate many mans to be strong.Whoooa your house is beautiful.He is always supportive to his family.I love the part for being open relationship with his wife.
    Thats excellence motivational….

    May God Bless you….As always
    Beuarh (South -Africa Johannesburg)

  2. hi there,
    this house is amazing,fantastic. will smith honestly deserves this.

  3. ive never seen a beautiful house like that, I am totally sure will Smith knws what hes doing with his family, those who said this house ain’t good they better think again or kiss their own asses.! I love this house,!

  4. I feel like I have grown up with will smith….I have watched everything he has done….He has a beautiful home and a beautiful family… God bless you all

  5. I flew over his house Sunday in a helicopter and thought Will Smith’s house and property looks absolutely fantastic! The size, layout and coloring of the stucco was very, very nice. He deserves what he has as he has worked hard for it.

  6. I think the people who leaves comments like people with money do stupid things with it. The thing you have to realize is people with money worked there ass off there whole entire life to be where they are today. So if they wanna do stupid things with there money not you nor I or anyone has a right to degrade someone on how and what they spend there money on!!! I’m poor and I don’t even act in such a manor like some people on here. And I personally think will smith’s house is amazingly beautiful & unbelievably gorgeous!

  7. I think the house is beautiful!! Beautiful house for a beautiful family.

  8. Will Smith is an absolute legend. He’s an amazing entertainer, actor and overall great tv personality. His genuine personality comes through on everything that he does. And his house isn’t too bad neither!!

  9. That is a house to die for it is amazing!! The antique look!!! Amazing!! No words to describe but fabulous,glamarous and a whole lot more!!

  10. i think the house is beautiful and people who don’t think so are jealous.

  11. What an ugly house. It’s funny what people with money will do. Not a comfortable feel or cozy by any means.


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