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LeBron James House in Coconut Grove, Miami

LeBron’s Super Castle Shown

LeBron James is a legend at the least in the NBA. This means that he probably has an amazing house, cars, and ladies. We will take a look at his house because that’s what we like to see here at UrbanSplatter. Below is the home he purchased in Coconut Grove, Miami, Florida after joining the Miami Heat a few years ago.

Here are a few pictures of the amazing mansion in the beautiful section of Miami, Florida.

Side View of the Miami Mansion!
4 beautiful shots of the mansion he James resides in!

Backyard faces the beautiful Atlantic Ocean!
Front Gate
Fitness Center needed for an NBA star. Am I right?
workout center

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  1. What a beautiful and lovely mansion of my idol mr.king LeBron James!

  2. […] de 2010, poco después de haberse integrado a su actual equipo de basquetbol, el nacido en Ohio adquirió una mansión de 9 millones de dólares en Coconut Grove, […]


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