Tuesday, September 29, 2020

Tiger Woods House in Florida

Home Home and Garden Tiger Woods House in Florida


View of the pool he owns!

Picture provided by Michael Broad

Tiger Woods settled into a new bachelor pad in 2011. It happens to be a $60 million mansion on the exclusive Jupiter Island in Florida.

He bought the property for a whopping $40 million in 2006 and proceeded to demolish the existing mansion that was only 13 years old. He then spent another $20 million custom building what is now his ultimate bachelor pad/tiger den.

Of course there is a golf course!


Handout photo of Lindsey Vonn and Tiger Woods
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  1. You could have had the decency to credit me for the picture I created of the former estate (the picture with circles on it).

    • That is the way Man is supposed to live “To God Be The Glory” One Day, One Day

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