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Washington Bridge Collapse is a wake up call


The National Transportation Safety Board stated Saturday that the bridge collapse in Washington last week is a wake-up call for the nation.

“This is a really significant event and we need to learn from it, not just in Washington but around the country,” Debbie Hersman explained while taking a boat ride on the Skagit River below the terrible scene where a truck bumped against the steel framework, collapsing the bridge and sending two vehicles and three people falling into the freezing water.

Investigators need to find out what happened in Washington and if it could be repeated at similar bridges around the country, Hersman said.

Her team will spend a week or two examining the bridge, talking to the truck driver whose vehicle hit it, and analyzing maintenance documents and prior accident reports.

Other over-height vehicles struck the Skagit River bridge before the collapse on Thursday, she noted. Investigators are using a 3-D video camera to look at the scene and attempt to fine where and when the bridge failure began.

The infrastructure of our nation is beginning to fail in various areas. We need to fix this problem by putting more money into maintaining these bridges. Here are some maps describing this problem around the nation


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