Cool Office Designs: Webshake Office in Romania made by Archinteriors

October 19, 2013


Innovative Interior Office Designs that you Should Try Out

Monica Corduneanu of Archinteriors designed an office for Webshake, a company in Romania. According to the designer, the idea was to make a unique and personalized space. Their clients wanted a fun and colorful interior. This is why they chose to use two strong colors, turquoise and yellow, with small accents of red. The yellow spots on the walls represent the company’s logo, which is also engraved on the desks.


The space is divided into three rooms, one for the business executives who own the company, one for employees, and one for recreation. For the first room they designed two very cool desks, made of planks of wood, covered with glass. To give more personality to the pieces of furniture, between the two layers, they used old records to create a interesting look. The shelves on the walls are made from the same type of wood planks as the desks.

The second room is similar to the first one, they used the same color scheme wall decorations. On the walls of these first rooms, they created different shapes made of cardboard tubes, which is a outgoing way to give personality to a space, and when the light comes through the windows, it creates some very dynamic shades on the walls. In the recreation room, they wanted to create a piece of furniture with a special design so they combined a foosball table with a table made of the same wood planks used throughout the other rooms. Elements like the cardboard tubes, records, wood planks with a rigid look, and many others, are the different tools they used to create a fun and vivid space.

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