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Frauenkirche (Church of Our Lady) Rebuilt in Dresden Germany


The Frauenkirche was originally built in 1743 and designed by Dresden’s city architect George Bähr. It was placed on the outskirts of town and was surrounded by a graveyard. The church entails Baroque architecture with dramatic curves and bold complex details. The most distinct feature of the church is the 96 meter tall dome, resembling a lot of Roman style architecture.

Wikipedia stated what happened to the church.

On 13 February 1945, Anglo-American allied forces began the bombing of Dresden. The church withstood two days and nights of the attacks and the eight interior sandstone pillars supporting the large dome held up long enough for the evacuation of 300 people who had sought shelter in the church crypt, before succumbing to the heat generated by some 650,000 incendiary bombs that were dropped on the city. The temperature surrounding and inside the church eventually reached 1,000 degrees Celsius.[1] The dome finally collapsed at 10 a.m. on 15 February. The pillars glowed bright red and exploded; the outer walls shattered and nearly 6,000 tons of stone plunged to earth, penetrating the massive floor as it fell.

Reconstruction was planned at the end of WW2 but did not actually start until 1993. Using computer aided software the architects and engineers were able to locate the approximate location of each stone by the placement of it within the rubble. The dark color of the old pieces was from aging and being burnt. The colors will eventually match after many years. Luckily the original blue prints were located and used with the help of modern equipment to reconstruct the church back to it’s original glory. Many parts were located within the rubble such as metal crosses. There were no plans for the original oak front doors, but many weddings had pictures taken in front of them. The architects had many old photographs to look at the recreate the front doors.



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  1. From Holland: You made a very nice report of this architectural masterpiece in Dresden (1743), the destruction of it (1945) and the miraculous rebuilding from 1993 – 2005. Your report is well done !


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