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Hugh Jackman’s Manhattan Apartment

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Take a look at this Manhattan Paradise

Actor Hugh Jackman has had huge success in Hollywood, with his charity work, and Broadway. He bought his massive Triplex in New York for $21 million, almost half the original asking price of $40 million. He then spent millions upgrading it into a triple home and was originally asking for $40 million. The previous owner lowered the price to $33 million just before Hugh Jackman entered negotiations for it, which came out with a final price of around $21 million.


Hugh Jackman’s triplex home is found in combines the 8th, 9th and 10th floor of an apartment for a total 11,000 square feet of living space. The apartment is in the West Village area of Manhattan, New York and with that size, Jackman is paying an unbelievable $34,000 in monthly charges and property tax. Some rooms were designed by architect Richard Meier. Enormous windows fill all three floors, overlooking the Hudson River.

The 8th floor has 3 bedrooms all with bathrooms, a music room, a library and a huge rec room. The 9th floor has an amazing double-high ceiling living room to enjoy the view, along with an almost as huge dining room and gallery, along with a high-end gourmet kitchen and wine cellar. The 10th floor has the master of all bedrooms, along with a work-out studio, bath, dressing room and sauna. A spiral staircase can bring you to any floor in Hugh Jackman’s amazing apartment.

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