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Mark Zuckerberg’s House in Palo Alto

The Zuckerberg Palace

Mark Zuckerberg purchased a $7 million dollar house in Palo Alto, California for him and his girlfriend, Priscilla Chan. Billionaire Zuckerberg apparently got a deal and paid $7 million for the 5 bedroom property which came with a spa and large salt water pool. Zuckerberg co-founded the social networking site, Facebook, with fellow classmates Dustin Moskovitz, Eduardo Saverin, and Chris Hughes when going to Harvard for college. At such a young age, Zuckerberg is already worth an estimated $7 billion due to his 24% share of Facebook. Zuckerberg is currently CEO & President of Facebook, which has its headquarters nearby Palo Alto.

The house seems very small and cheap for someone who makes billions of dollars. It is interesting to see some billionaires spend less on some of the items they buy. It sorta shows that these people are modest and real human beings. Take a look at photos below!

Mark-Zuckerberg-backyard1 Mark-Zuckerberg-kitchen Mark-Zuckerbergs-bathroom

five+bedroom+house+Palo+Alto+Facebook+Founder+9wu8ZE-bkfnl five+bedroom+house+Palo+Alto+Facebook+Founder+vNrdfa5cDujx

What do you think of his house? Is it to cheap for someone as rich as him? You can answer in the comments below!

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  1. I think he is a very responsible person. Why would he need a huge , fancy house. He has what he wants and he is satisfied.Leave him alone.

  2. Well if you can’t afford to buy a Palo Alto house – you can at least stay at the Sheraton Palo Alto – a hotel which we just reviewed last week 🙂


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