Nicki Minaj's $11.8 Million Dollar House

October 21, 2013

The Nicki Minaj House: Her Malibu Monster Home cost her $11.8 million. The huge property is just breathtaking. Minaj’s house has a large pool and five garages for their many luxury vehicles.

Nicky Minaj "Pink Friday" Pink and White Satchel


The house interior has stone and hardwood floors, custom millwork, vaulted wood-beamed ceilings, and 6 stone fireplaces. The property has direct access to the beach for easy walk to the coastline. Pink’s 6,800 square-foot house has 6 bedroom, 7 bathrooms, a stone driveway, and an electric drive gates.

The homes has an amazing yard. Her butler and security are an added bonus to this superstars home. Imagine having a butler and security! Crazy, right? Nicki also can swim and hot tub whenever she would like. She can have a spa day and even chill with her friends.

She can really have an amazing time at this house. Nicki can get home, sit back, and relax to a California sunset. Driving down PCH she probably gets to see the ocean every time she comes and leaves the home.

A luxurious home isn’t just a well-designed or a well-arranged home. It’s a place where its amenities enable the owner to feel overindulged. Just like Nicki’s home, you can think of royalty and extravagance. There are many things that the word luxury can suggest. Think about pools, saunas, game rooms, and gyms. The features of a home make it luxurious or lavish. It can be its interior design or facilities. Luxury homes like Nicki’s are designed with exclusive features and amenities.

It’s not surprising why her mansion would have built-in security features which make her home safer and stand out from others. It could have CCTV cameras, smart locks, safety alarms for smoke or fire, as well as burglary alarms. After all, she put in millions to get the home put together. It makes absolute sense to put in more for security features, including security personnel.

Rich people can decorate their rooms however they want; whether they want a glaring red bedroom or a purple game room, it’s ok. The good thing is that you don’t have to be as super rich as Nicki Minaj to have that themed décor at home. For instance, you can try a duck themed bathroom décor or modern industrial living room and kitchen. Whatever your heart makes you happy, go for it.


Nicki Minaj’s mansion in Malibu. The Nicki Minaj house is quite exclusive and simply luxurious and includes home cleaning services. Wouldn't you just love this live in this amazing mansion? It would be pretty nice to even just be in Malibu.

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  1. hey Nicki...i recognize you got alot o haters commenting and i know you see it too. dont be bothered tho. I love the house you chose and i love your style. Keep doing you ok

  2. hello Nicky I love your Mansion.I'm 7 years and I love so much and I don't know what to do,please can you call me on this +27797825512 okay thank you bye bye ?

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  7. My Dad and my stepmother have a better manshion and it cost 20 mil

  8. Your house is nice but why do you need such a big house if you live alone


  10. I'm your biggest fan omg you are my idol I can't believe this your so awesome

  11. Im not here to judge you or define anything towards you or lifestyle I really like your malibu mansion.

  12. Hello i really digg your mansion its great,but i know i barely know anything about you im not a fan.My dream is to win the lottery become filthy rich and Im a big fan of luxury large mansion it might will happen look pretty on your websites i meant it.I will love to get me a huge mansion built with alot of garages in another city an state.

  13. nicky if i was a man i would marry you.oh if you want to know were i'm from i'm from jamaica. I love your pictures and also your songs. i will come an live with you also.Buy i hope you love my comment

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