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Adrian Peterson House: The Minnesota Place

Adrian Peterson’s home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota has 5,000 square feet with five bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. The house is nestled on a nice quiet street in a ritzy subdivision in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. It is a little surprising that he chose a house this small for how much money he makes in the NFL. Check out the Adrian Peterson house.

A Nice Humble House for an NFL Star

It is very nice to see that some NFL players like to save their money for reasonable things and not splurge on huge mansions and shiny cars. Take a look at Adrian Peterson’s nice home in Eden Prairie, Minnesota. The property includes a large front and back yard. The house has enough space for his family and friends to spread out. The home looks like it can also keep him warm during the cold Minnesota winters.

Adrian Peterson is widely known for being one of the best running backs in the NFL. He is on the Minnesota Vikings and has had a tremendous career so far.

Take a look at the house below:

Adrian Peterson House adrianpetersonhouse3 adrianpetersonhouse2 Adrian Peterson House Adrian Peterson House Adrian Peterson House

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