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Selena Gomez’s House in Los Angeles

Selena Gomez has bought Jonah Hill’s $2.9 million house. Selena ending a little more than Jonah Hill did. Jonah had only paid $2.175 million for it in September 2011. The house has five bedrooms and six bathrooms. It is a simple single story building that boasts a pool, tennis court and spa. The house is located in the Tarzana area of Los Angeles, California. Although the property also features his and hers closets, no boys are living with her at the moment because Selena is not ready to settle down anytime soon. She plans to make hits for many years to come and maybe move into a larger and better house down the line. Selena had been living with her parents until she bought this place in Los Angeles. Can you believe she has had this much success at this young of an age? d0d9e__tumblr_m9hdwvZAgF1r81g3ao4_500 b6439__tumblr_m9hdr20jYK1r81g3ao9_500 e1892__tumblr_m9hdwvZAgF1r81g3ao10_500 (1) c75bb__tumblr_m9hdwvZAgF1r81g3ao3_500 c75bb__tumblr_m9hdwvZAgF1r81g3ao2_500 22acd__tumblr_m9hdr20jYK1r81g3ao6_500 07334__tumblr_m9hdr20jYK1r81g3ao4_500 e881e__tumblr_m9hdr20jYK1r81g3ao3_500 e881e__tumblr_m9hdr20jYK1r81g3ao2_500 62e43__tumblr_m9hdr20jYK1r81g3ao1_500

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