Top Ten Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the United States

November 19, 2013

Most Expensive Cities to Buy a House in the United States

A new top ten list displays the most expensive cities in the United States to buy a house. These are essentially the top ten most expensive real estate markets in the Unites States. Most rich places in the United States are in California according to Coldwell Banker. This is no surprise considering many rich people live in California or own homes there.

On the other hand, as you will read below, the most affordable cities actually are in the Midwest and Rust Belt cities due to low demand to live in certain parts of these areas. A combo of space and a rough economy has turned much of the Midwest and South into havens of affordability.

Take a look at the top ten cities and some of the amazing houses that are in these cities below.

1. Malibu, Calif.: $2,155,900


2. Newport Beach, Calif.: $1,773,824


3. Saratoga, Calif.: $1,684,261


4. Los Gatos, Calif.: $1,360,497


5. San Francisco, Calif.: $1,309,599


6. Stone Harbor, N.J.: $1,301,727


7. Cupertino, Calif.: $1,292,400


8. Orono, Minn.: $1,251,873


9. Weston, Mass.: $1,229,000


10. Redwood City, Calif.: $1,203,357


The Most and Least Expensive

If you cannot take looking at the richest places in the United States because it depresses you, why not take a look at some of the cheapest places below. This chart has not only the most expensive places to buy a house, but also the cheapest.



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2 comments on “Top Ten Most Expensive Real Estate Markets in the United States”

  1. Manhattan is only 1 borough in NYC. The other 4 boroughs certainly bring down the overall average because there are a million small row homes. I would guess that may be why it isn't listed. But Manhattan on its own I would agree.

  2. Hi Dave,
    Weston Massachusetts is beautiful and a short commute to Downtown Boston. Also, its a great investment since it always maintains its high value.

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