Harry Styles’ Party House in North London

The Party House Every Kid Dreams Of

Harry Styles, member of One Direction, the pop band, bought a 5 million dollar house in London last year. The pop star landed this amazing house in an exclusive area on in northern London. The house is not shy to show off what it has and I am sure Harry himself does too. Harry landed success when he was found by Simon Cowell on the show X Factor. He was then put into a group coined One Direction and from there he became a huge star.

What’s Inside the Mansion?

The house boasts 4 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, a car lift, garden, and much more. Styles can relax in the nice backyard he has while looking at the view of his modern garden. The house also has 3 reception rooms that probably hold some awesome parties every now and then.

Take a look at pictures of the house below.

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    • I know that he is the best of all. but his house OMG !!!!!! I love it. And harry styles too. I love harry and larry stylinson too. I hate that stupid modesty modest, ugh. I wish they had a different management. I’m saying this especially for harry and louis. And myself too.

  1. Harry is awesome my only life dream is to meet him in real life I would love that is my only life dream forever and always ❤️

  2. i love his new dream house in northern London . his blue dreamy eyes reminds me of the Jonas Brothers’ new song “Hello Beautiful”. the other harry styles I think is overrated because they brag about themselves and no one in my side of the club is jealous of his new girlfriend. all of his “good” looks. over it. like Hillary duff said. so yesterday. or at least last year. thank you.

    Valerie Goodrich


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