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Kobe Bryant House: Newport Coast Beauty

A House that Attracts Anything Nearby It

Kobe Bryant sold his amazing Newport Coast house for a whopping $8.6 million. The house features crazy amenities including a shark tank in an office, a hair salon, and a gym. The home has offers four bedrooms and has an amazing front and back yard. Check out the Kobe Bryant house.

“Black Mamba” is Kobe Bryant’s nickname in the NBA. He played many years for the Los Angeles Lakers and lead them to success. Kobe is seen as a icon in the world of basketball. Kobe had so much space that he could hang out at with him and his family. The house looks very airy and offer such great views from the back and front yards. Take a look at some pictures of his amazing home below.

kobe bryant house kobe bryant house the-kitchen the-house-has-a-mediterranean-feel the-movie-theatre kobe bryant house kobe bryant house theres-an-adjoining-hot-tub kobe bryant house kobe bryant house

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