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December 1, 2013

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Over the last 20 years kitchen have become a central socializing area within the house. Kitchen designs have flourished since then. Kitchens are becoming more efficient and in many cases also larger. Its not always about having a large kitchen, its more about how the space is actually used and how appealing it is. Kitchens make cooking a lot more enjoyable, so it is very important from a home owner's perspective to make sure their kitchen sends off good vibes.

There are a few things to consider before renovating a kitchen.

  • Size 
    • Do you even need a larger kitchen? Many people don't want to have to be using such a larger area to cook because it is not always efficient. A bigger kitchen means a bigger mess, right? Americans specifically tend to think bigger=better, yet that is not always the case. You can really stretch your potential by having taller over head cabinets to the ceiling. Knocking down walls can exponentially increase your kitchen’s footage, but it can also sharply decrease the size of another room. To prevent this, many homeowners utilize their backyards to extend their kitchen and have an amazing spot for parties and gatherings. It’s crucial to pick some good outdoor kitchen doors and drawers here, so you must do a lot of research before taking on the DIY task. Tip: for larger kitchen with two cooks it is essential to have two sinks.
  • Budget
    • Is it the right time to renovate? Sometimes waiting just a year can really increase your available budget, but if you are a thrifty, creative person you can really stretch your budget. If you want a rustic kitchen you can really be creative. Things you can do include: re-staining or painting old cabinets, buying from a second-hand store and rejuvenating old furniture, Selling old appliances, and importantly do what you can yourself. It is always nice to be able to brag about your newly gained handyman/woman skills after finishing a project as big as your kitchen.
  • Style
    • The biggest concern in this category is meeting the needs of both of the kitchen owners, if it is just you then you are very lucky. Most of the time people's tastes are not the same and that is where compromise or mixing both style (tastefully) works. This is you kitchen so it is important to make if your own, but if you are thinking of reselling your home then you might also want to consider what the average person would like too. Maybe a fish tank built in wouldn't be a good idea....
  • Time
    • Detailed planning is essential to any project. You must plan or else you will not be satisfied, I can guarantee it. Before you start your renovation you should check out websites, hey look you have already done this, good job! I would suggest looking at pinterest or just google images and make a collage of all the kitchens that you like. Pick out specific things that you like about them and write them down. After you have a list you must now image you dream kitchen and implement each thing, but make sure to only include things that would match together to create a uniformed style. With all of this planning, you are sure to create something that you really like, that someone you hired wouldn't be able to do as successfully as you, because you are the only person who 100% knows what you want and like in a kitchen for yourself.

Some inspiration pictures of different styles of kitchens. 

cottage kitchen

Cottage Kitchen

Re-used lighting fixtures, cute and small space with salvaged wood floors and playful colors.


Traditional with a splash of contemporary finishes (transition style)

The trick to really impress is being able to keep traditional styling in your kitchen with glass faces cabinets and farmhouse sinks, but also have the ability get out of the time trap of being simple outdated. Add new features such as high end appliances and modern stainless steel bar stools.


Industrial Country Kitchen

The one in the picture is very pretty and homey. You can have all of you cute nik-nacs without being tacky, trust me its very possible as seen in the picture. A farm-house sink would really put this kitchen over the top. The industrial oven adds a definite wow factor. This is not your rinky-dinky poor farmer's kitchen. The above the cabinet windows and shelve above the sink ad architectural dimension that is an essential addition to really make your kitchen impressive. Adding architectural features are also very possible in ANY kitchen, do it and be impressed.


The Boring Kitchen

Most creative people fall ill to the boring kitchen renovation. There are three things that I believe should be addressed in a kitchen: appeal, function and good vibes (from creativity). This kitchen gets 2/3 (thats a 66% F) from that, it looks nice, it functions but I would never fall in love with this kitchen because it is simply b.o.r.i.n.g. Put some thought into it, your own imagination, make it work and you will be pleased. It is like watching a movie then watching a 3-d movie.


The Tacky Kitchen

Don't do the tacky, it will get outdated very fast. This kitchen may look fun and cute, but its kinda weird... It may seem nice at first but I am sure that the cancerous style will spread to your head.


Traditional with Modern Essentials

Different from the other traditional style, this one doesn't have as many modern touches, it stays with the mainly traditional looks, but has grand features like the appliances. Also has two sinks for more than one cook. The chandelier really adds a new dimension.


Contemporary/Modern Kitchen

I would classify the above image as more of a contemporary kitchen because it is what is specifically in style now. Modern is a style that was introduced 60 years ago with clean lines and simple colors. More of a minimalist idea. So this would technically be more like a modern kitchen with contemporary ideas and finished (appliances). The image shows a galley kitchen with a skinny "I" shape.


Kitchen with Breakfast Nook

They are coming back! They are cuddle and homey, yet can be elegant and classy.


After looking at all of these styles, has your style changed? What is your style in terms of kitchens at least?

I enjoy being part of Urban Splatter as it continues to create evolving opportunities within the digital realm of architecture.

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