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Minneapolis Skyline: Photos and History

The Second City of the Midwest

Minneapolis is the largest city in Minnesota and has many industries that lure people in to live in the metro area. Minneapolis is the 48th largest city in the United States, with a population of nearly 400,000. The city is known for its timber industry specifically and is a major trade city between Chicago and Seattle. Minneapolis is also home to a considerably large concentration of Fortune 500 companies. Read more about the Minneapolis skyline below.

I love how this skyline has a decent amount of skyscrapers and comes off over such a pretty river. The shape of the skyline is also pretty cool. It appears that the taller buildings are all near each other and the farther you get out the shorter the buildings are.

The weather in Minneapolis is quite awful in the winter time. Lows hit close to zero degrees, but many people take to the slopes and do snow sports all over the state. The summer time is much better with temperatures in the upper 70’s.

Check these amazing photos of the Minneapolis skyline

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