Victorian Architecture Influence Worldwide

January 21, 2014

Country style, the top floor was typically used by women to look out when their husbands came home. Source credit:
Country style, the top floor was typically used by women to look out when their husbands came home.
Japanese influence. Source credit:
Japanese influence.

Victorian Architecture refers to the era the Queen Victoria had power between 1830-1910. Victorian architecture has been admired because of it detailed beauty. Many architects of today envy the Victorian style, but are never able to completely recapture the style therefore many resort to rehabbing old houses. It seems as though architecture of the Victorian era just put together everything and anything, the more the better. Just like how hipsters today view aged style as eclectic, Victorian architects took many aged styles such as Gothic, French, Italianate and even Egyptian.

Italian influence. Source credit:
Italian influence.
French influence. Source credit:
French influence.

The Victorian style was completely different in that architecture went from simple and boxy to elaborate to the point of uselessness. The wealth gap in England was bigger than anyone nowadays can complain about. The amount of servants was ridiculous, from small poor children being chimney sweepers to maids and gardeners.

The architecture became more elaborate as time went on. Towards the end of the era 10 bedroom houses could be changed to a hotel with the addition of a sign. This was simply because every building had everything.

Interiors were just as elaborate as exteriors.  Source Credit:
Interiors were just as elaborate as exteriors.

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