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What You Did Not Know About the St. Louis Gateway Arch

An American Monument

The St. Louis Gateway Arch is a modern marvel of American architecture. It is currently the tallest man-made monument in the United States. The 630 feet structure was capped off in 1967 and opened to the public. The interesting part about the building is that it has an observation deck at the top.

Finnish architect, Eero Saarinen, designed the Arch. There was a competition for designers and architects to see who made the best design for the to be monument. At first, when St. Louis decided which design to pick they accidentally notified another architect that his plan was to be used. A few days later it was announced that Saarinen’s plan was the one that was to be used, not the supposed winner. Saarinen was very shocked and clearly excited that his plan was to be used.

Take a look at some amazing pictures of the Gateway Arch below

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