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Make your windows the highlight of your room

Windows are always a key part of a room. They let sunlight spill in, they frame the view outside, and they are a focal point in any room and always draw the eye – which is why it is important they look fabulous. Often these days modern homes are built with a minimalist aesthetic in mind and we have to search out interesting features to highlight in our homes. Fireplaces used to be the focal point in a room, but with modern heating systems, this is less common. Likewise, TVs used to have pride of place in a room, but fashions have moved them behind screens, in cabinets or disguised as artwork. In spaces that have no obvious features to highlight, windows are a great place to start – after all, there’s usually one in every room.


Which treatment?

It is important to choose the right window treatment for a room. There are many options to consider, but they must look good as well as function on a practical level. Think about light levels in the room; is more or less sunshine desirable? Is it a dark space that requires more illumination, or does excessive sunlight fade the furnishings and obscure the TV screen? Does the window overlook a street? If there are privacy or security issues, these will need to be part of the decision as well.

Dazzling drapes

Fabric drapes are a popular choice for making an impression with a window treatment. Choosing a pretty shade or attractive textile design can really lift a room. Whether it’s a simple design with neutral colors and standard drop, or more extravagant fabrics, frills, pelmets and tiebacks, drapes can look dazzling. Choose colors referenced in the room, but don’t over do it. Drapes are good for internal insulation but they have their faults as well. Dust can be a real issue with drapes and can be a problem for those suffering allergies. In addition to this, drapes are ‘all or nothing’, either open or closed – there’s no way to control or diffuse light.


Showpiece shutters

Choosing custom fitted shutters is an increasingly popular option for interior window treatments. Not only do they look super-stylish, they can be fitted to any internal windows, are simple to clean and make the control of light levels into a room easy. Those choosing minimalist or colonial and plantation style decor will love the sleek lines and good looks of internal shutters. In cool white, or painted or stained to enhance an existing color scheme, shutters highlight windows in stunning fashion. As well as looking the part, they can be adjusted to moderate light levels and add an extra level of security, privacy and insulation as well.

Once a decision is made on a key aspect of a room’s design the rest of the scheme just falls into place. With window treatments this is especially true as they really dictate the tone of a room. Whether it’s the soft lines of drapes, the sleek functionality of shutters, basic blinds or venetians that get the ultimate vote, they are all great ways of putting the wow in windows everywhere.

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