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Architecture and Why Its Relevant

Architecture Is More Necessary than you Think

Architecture is an art and science involving the design and planning of the built world. No matter where you go, you see some form of architecture. Look at the front of your house, somewhere down the line, an architect designed the view you are looking at. It is truly amazing how much detail is required to be an architect and how architects can influence the way a society uses and sees buildings.

People are influenced by design

Whether you know it or not, you are dependent on the design of the building you live, work, and play in. Things as simple as the layout of your kitchen or office can affect your everyday life. Aesthetics of buildings can influence people by making them feel good or happy. Cool modern designs and bright colors on buildings can give this affect.

Look at come examples of designs that use bright colors and modern tastes.

Arch2O-LYCS-Architecture-1-e1347765402169 the-otherworldly-architecture-of-zaha-hadid international_architecture_awards_2009_03 Kaohsiung Port And Cruise Service Center By Jet Architecture02




Some may have reverse affects from these types of buildings, as they do not like bright colors and the straight edge designs of these modern buildings. This also shows that a lot of architecture is designed to personal preference as long as it is appropriate with policies and regulations of the area.

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