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Google Tokyo Office: A Look Into An Amazing Place


Google keeps popping up unique and trendy office spaces around the world. Their newest one is in Tokyo. The space is located in the shopping district of Roppongi, and was designed by the Japanese firm Klein Dytham. All of google’s office have their trademark vibrant basic color scheme. You can see the oriental influence of wallpaper and room dividers in the images below. Read more about the Google Tokyo Office.

The design is very cool with amazing foresty vibes. I love the fact that there are many cool little nooks people can use to work in this office. It must be so cool to be able to work at an office like this. There appear to be many cool areas to work, chat, and even meditate. There are many different rooms that the Googlers can use.

Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-0 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-1 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-2 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-3 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-4 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-5 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-6 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-7 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-9 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-10 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-11 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-12 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-13 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-14 Google-Tokyo-Office-Space-15

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