The Top Kitchen Renovation Ideas

May 10, 2014

If you are looking to renovate your kitchen completely or just spruce up the standard kitchen that you currently have then you are in the right place. Kitchen renovations can easily cost upwards of $40,000 so it is crucial that you meet the needs of practicability without giving up what makes your kitchen yours! If you have a cookie-cutter kitchen that is nice yet not "magazine cover" nice don't worry because there are some simple things that you can do to make bring your kitchen's standards up to par. On the other hand, if you are completely renovating then here are some inspirational images and ideas to get the juices flowing.




If your kitchen is already equipped with an island counter top then you can add a new dimension with an all glass cabinet to hold dishware. This is a great additional amenity because it can match with practicably any style. As seen above it will even go well with traditional kitchens! As seen above it will even go well with traditional kitchens! What is really nice is the light above the glass box. What is really nice is the light above the glass box. Either a light fixture or a sunlight would really make your kitchen glow through the glass box.




Going away from the monochromatic color pallet and using colors that are opposite of each other on the color wheel can really create a three dimensional kitchen. Specifically with the back splash because it is probably the easiest way to bump up your kitchen's appeal. Trendy materials can become outdated faster, so stick with something simple but creative such as the one above.




You can actually add over the head cabinets to your kitchen if you do it right. The best way is to either paint the existing cabinets white and then add a top layer above that is either white or you can go crazy and choose altering colors! The ladder adds a cuteness to any kitchen.




Exposed cabinets can make any kitchen feel open and organic. Simple and raw is sometimes the best way to go. It is smart to have exposed cabinets in areas of your kitchen that would otherwise look bulky with standard cabinets, or you can use all exposed cabinets too. Its something worth looking into, and wouldn't it be much easier locating your dishware this way?




Go wild and do something that no one else has. Make sure to research the area of the home as it would be unwise from an investment standpoint to have a kitchen like the one above in a family oriented suburb because its simply too sexy. The above kitchen would suite a downtown condo perfectly.




Play with your creativity and try to step outside of your comfort zone. Do you think that you can pull off a kitchen like the one above? I think so! Its actually quite simple, the floors are not even stained. The cabinets are simple creativity that anyone can think of or be inspired to think of by reading Urban Splatter!


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  1. Nice idea thanks for sharing. I am searching such type of idea for designing my kitchen.

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