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How Urban Design Influences People

Urban Design Is A Key Factor In Deciding On A City To Reside

Urban design is a concept that influences more people than you would think. There are various reasons the design of a city could attract or repel citizens. Aesthetics, open spaces, and the way streets are laid out are just a few aspects of design on large scale.

What parts of Urban Design actually affect me?

If you take a look at the city of Chicago, you will see many attempts at creating and restoring urban design. Being environmentally friendly and having many parks is one approach to creating attractive neighborhoods. People would rather look out their window and see trees instead of an alleyway with dumpsters all over. Chicago has plans to make the Bloomingdale Trail, which would convert an abandoned elevated rail road track into a linear park across the city. This would definitely be a change from the non-appealing rusty tracks that soar in the sky above the homes of many residents.


I also believe Chicago’s streets and highways make it appealing to many people. The grid system may not necessarily be the most attractive choice, but is unquestionably the most efficient and smart method for roads. People can get to places quicker and without confusion on a grid system. It is also easier to remember street names on a grid system. Chicago’s Boulevard System, which was inspired by Burnham, is another reason I think the roads in the city are attractive. The Boulevard System was created to spur residential real-estate and to help create healthful, accessible and livable neighborhoods. There is a lower speed limit on boulevards in comparison to other roads and trucks are prohibited. This creates peace and quiet in certain areas of the city for residents.

A Personal Take on Urban Design

I think urban design does influence people very much. No one would ever buy a home that was located next to a landfill. Considering most people do every day activities in their cities, they would probably rather see beautiful buildings and green spaces instead of ghettos. I believe that people would actually move to another city based only on urban design.

Most of the elements the city of Chicago has in regards to urban design attract me. At some point in my life I would love to live in Chicago. There are constantly areas being renovated with urban design kept in mind. Another area that would interest me is Los Angeles. This is because the metropolitan area is spread out has and a large Mexican/Spanish architecture influence that I am attracted to. Overall, I do think urban design has a huge influence on where I live in the future.

Examples of Urban Design Plans

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Comments and Thoughts

What do you think of the ways Urban Design Influences People? Let us know in the comments below what influences you in deciding where you want to live. Follow us on Twitter and Like us on Facebook. Photo Sources (1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8)

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