Masdar City near Abu Dhabi, Dubai: A Zero Carbon City

June 12, 2014


Masdar City is a project that is being built in Abu Dubai. The city is planned to be zero-carbon emitting, this means no cars. Electricity is provided by the photo-voltaic towers located throughout the city. The city is "walled" meaning that no cars are able to come in, yet there is local public transportation available in any area of the city. The city is also high-density meaning that there is less travel time.

Zero-carbon cities are very progressive, yet will have to eventually be realistic if not now. Climate Change is widely accepted among scientists, the argument is concentrated more on the influence/severity of Climate Change. When it comes to running out of oil supplies the question is not "if" its "when". Carbon within the atmosphere has had a direct correlation to the temperature on Earth for the last 1,000+ years. The burning of fossil fuels emits a large amount of carbon.  While UV rays come from the sun they can easily surpass the atmospheric ozone layers, yet once the UV rays hit the Earth they reflect off as heat that gets trapped with more greenhouse gases. Carbon is a very natural element of the atmosphere (we breath it out), and that is why people do not contribute it to Climate Change as it should be.

Many people think that it is unreasonable to create zero-carbon cities from scratch, yet making them from scratch ensure that they are 100% clean energy.

Size: Area: 2.317 sq miles (6 km²)

Client: Abu Dhabi Future Energy Company

Location: Masdar, UAE

Partners: Kann Finch Group, Arup SL Rasch, Transsolar, EDAW

Status: International design competition winner; Schematic Design, 2008

Size: 100000 square miles

360_masdar_tour_0121Image-showing-the-Personal-Rapid-Transit-System-at-Masdar-City1Amphitheater, Masdar Citymasdar_plaza_lava_04 masdar-city-future-rendering-image masdar-city-interior-pool Masdar-City-zero-emissions-city-13-650x433 Masdar-HQ-2

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