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Blake Lively’s House in New York

A Nice Country House Located Just Outside of New York City

Blake Lively is a actress, home maker, and celebrity that has been known since the mid 2000’s. She has been in movies like Accepted and the TV show Gossip Girl. She has won many awards in the past decade, including three Teen Choice Awards.

Blake Lively is married to Ryan Reynolds. They purchased a house located just outside the New York City area in a rural town. Their country themed house is perfect for a family if they decide to have kids soon. The house features an amazing porch, breathtaking views, and a garden to die for. Take a look at pictures of the house below.


Location: New York

Size: 4743 Square Feet

Bedrooms: 4

Bathrooms: 4.5


BG_Ryan_Reynolds_Blake_Lively-country_house_1 BG_Ryan_Reynolds_Blake_Lively-country_house_2 BG_Ryan_Reynolds_Blake_Lively-country_house_3 BG_Ryan_Reynolds_Blake_Lively-country_house_4 BG_Ryan_Reynolds_Blake_Lively-country_house_5 BG_Ryan_Reynolds_Blake_Lively-country_house_6


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