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The History and Architecture of the Chrysler Building

An Art Deco Beauty of New York City

The building that was ranked 9th on the list of America’s Favorite Architecture is considered one of the best examples of Art Deco architecture. This building was the headquarters for Chrysler from the 1930’s till the 1950’s. The building was the tallest in the world for about 11 months until the Empire State building took that title in 1931.

The CEO of Chrysler decided how the building would be built and chose William Van Alen as the lead architect for the Chrysler Building. the building is still the tallest brick building in the world. Here are some quotes from architects concerning the building.

“Art Deco in France found its American equivalent in the design of the New York skyscrapers of the 1920s. The Chrysler Building … was one of the most accomplished essays in the style.” – World Atlas of Architecture


Height: 1,046 Feet

Stories: 77

Completed: 1930

Location: 405 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan, New York

Architect: William Van Alen

Architectural Style: Art Deco


chrysler_building_1930 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA Chrysler_Building_by_David_Shankbone_Retouched Chrysler_building-_top OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA ChryslerBldg chrysler-building chrysler-building chrysler-building-base MID-chrysler-scan NSAPMI38_EXTR Chrysler Building. New York City 2005 pic1 Walk-In-New-York-Evolution-of-Chrysler-Building-Van-Alen-s-renderings-1928-29.

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