George Clooney’s House in Italy

George Clooney is a well-known American actor, film director, producer, and screenwriter. He has obtained 3 Golden Globe Awards and 2 Academy Awards in his career so far.

Growing up in Kentucky George Clooney experienced life above the average person in his area. His mother was a pageant queen and his father was a known Anchorman and did other television broadcasting jobs. He was raised a strict Catholic but like many too strict Catholics he has almost turned the other way as he has stated that he doesn’t really affiliate himself with religion.

The 30 room villa has beautiful details and a traditional Italian architectural style. For a $30 million price tag in 2002 the house features almost every amenity such as a private swimming pool, ornate details made from the finest wood, large dinning rooms and even a “pizza room”.


Location: Lake Como, Italy

Size: N/A

Bedrooms: 15

Bathrooms: 10+


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