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Sally Field’s House in Malibu

A House With Some Great Views: The Sally Field House

She is known for her movies such as Norma Rae and Places in the Heart and her role as Forrest Gump’s mother. Born in 1946, in California, she started off doing small roles for TV shows. Mrs. Doubtfire and David Copperfield are some other movies she had roles in as well. Sally Field is now known as one of the most successful actresses in American history. The Sally Field house is amazing.

Sally Field’s house is also another reason to love her. Her house in Malibu, California is a piece of art to die for. The house features a conservatory, pool, tennis courts, a hay barn, and high ceilings. Sally Field’s house also has spectacular views of Malibu. Check it out below.

Her house is just stunning like many others in the Malibu region. These homes usually get a view of the mountains and the ocean. Imagine being able to have those view for both sunrise and sunset. That is so nice. Her neighbors include many other celebrities that live in this pretty city. She can drive down to the Malibu Pier and beach and relax on the weekend. She is also super close to Los Angeles and Beverly Hills so she does not have a long commute to work, which is nice!

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Location: Malibu, California

Size: 5,964 Square Feet

Bedrooms: 3

Bathrooms: 4


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