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Architectural Gem: Barcelona Pavilion in Barcelona Spain

The Barcelona or German Pavilion located in Barcelona Spain was designed and created for the 1929 International Exposition. Originally the building was constructed to be up only temporarily, yet being made of permanent materials such as golden onyx, green and blue marble, chrome, glass, and travertine; the building lasted for a while until it was demolished. In the 1980s it was decide that the architectural gem should be reconstructed to it’s previous glory.

Originally, the building was to be constructed simply to show off how outstanding and advanced German architecture was to Spain. The Spanish king and queen were to visit it and admire it’s beauty. German architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe was assigned to the job. He was all about letting the design’s structures be the focal point and show the beauty of structure. Using very high quality materials he was able to show beauty with simplicity.

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The chairs in the Barcelona Pavilion were all designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe himself and are replicated today as the high-end chair they have been.

Barcelona_Pavilion_Chair images mieschair-barcelona4

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